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Crank's Corner

                                Rokenrol Roadtrip, part one

     It's Monday night, almost midnight.  Since last Wednesday at 11:00 am, we've been chasing the Red Elvises,
Our Favorite Band, in our little red zippy car, "Harriet."   Why?  Because we can.
It was close to 90 degrees when we started out; today, we drove through snow in upstate New York.  We didn't
pack any long-sleeeved shirts, but had the sense to bring a jacket does one pack for 60-degree
shifts in temperature when one is driving a two-seater?  Particularly when one doesn't have the Weather
Channel's  7-day forecast.

     We drove from North Baltimore, Ohio, to Allentown, PA on Wednesday, and only got sorta lost
twice.....not bad for a nine-hour drive with a bunch of one-way streets at the end.  A smallish audience at the
club, and the folks who left early missed a rare performance of "Blue Moon."  As band aides, our room is always
the after-show hospitality room, and we always try to bring food and drink for the first night of a chase.  After the
show, we had a roomful of bandmembers and assorted folks we'd never met before, all munching down.

     I had ordered my third thousand of Red Elvises pencils to give away, because I am the Pencil Fairy, but a
shipping snafu landed them in California on Tuesday, so I had them overnighted to a friend's house in
Massachusetts. I had no pencils for Allentown, and we skipped the NYC show to visit my old friends in Mass.,
but I had plenty of pencils to hand out at the show in Cambridge.............but I'm getting ahead of myself.

      The day after Allentown (Thursday), we drove six hours to my old stomping ground in south central Mass.,
and then I cooked Hungarian food for 7 people.  On Friday, we chilled a bit, then forced my old pal Mary to
watch "Six-String Samurai" on the DVD in the laptop we'd brought with us.  That's the movie I rented by chance
and first saw Red Elvises in, and the rest is history.  (NB can rent this movie uptown; I twisted
Mike's arm until he got a copy)

     Minor side adventure in Mass.: my old friend Mary has a mid-60's VW microbus, and we took off for a
Wal-Mart 12 miles away at the start of a rainstorm, and the bus blew a brake line along the way, and we had to
call her brother to come and rescue us.............all because I wanted some red fringe for embellishments on the
"dancing worm" tubular costume (don't ask).  I ended up with red tassels, and we got rescued (thank you,
George), and everything was copacetic.  We made it to the show on time.

     The worm didn't get a chance to come out at the show in Cambridge, because the club was too crowded,
which is a good thing.  I did  trot through the streets of Cambridge in it,  but, in that section of town, I hardly
rated a second glance.   Parking is impossible around there, but, thanks to Officer Kevin, both Harriet and the
Elvises' Big Red Van had a safe haven until the show was over.

     After the Cambridge show, we were going to follow my friend Leigh back to the turnpike, with the Red
Elvises following us, but Boston traffic is Boston traffic, and the streets were laid out before 1776.  They are
narrow, too.  We only spent about 20 minutes being lost without Leigh, following  Russians who had less idea
than we what direction to go, but eventually we made it to the turnpike.  Now our only problem was rooms for
the night.

     We found the Motel 6 one exit west of Natick, but they didn't have but two rooms left, so we all headed on
west to Sturbridge, checking in at 4:30 AM to a motel whose checkout time was noon, no later.................I'm
beginning to hate hotel management wizzards.  A breakfast of good food and poor service at Friendly's, and it
was on to a tiny town in the Finger Lakes region of New York State.

     Moose is a Red Elvises fan, and a lawyer, and a local mover and shaker; he arranged for the band to play
the first show in a brand-new banquet facility.  The Arkadia House is a nice room for a small wedding reception,
but it ain't no rock venue.  Nevertheless, the Red Elvises rocked that joint, and the 'ghosts' generated by that
initial performance might influence weddings and bar mitzvahs for years to come.

     Moose threw a party the next day; it was supposed to be a barbeque, but ended up being a pizza party
because of the unseasonable cold.  Zhenya played the organ, Igor fell asleep in a chair in front of the TV, Oleg
fell asleep in a chair in front of the computer, and Dimitri checked his e-mail.  They did three loads of laundry,
too.  What an exciting life.

      Even though I'm operating on "rokenrol time", I can't keep my eyes open.  It is now well past 2:00AM;  I'm
too old for this, but I do it anyway. Watch for "Roadtrip, part two," coming soon.