This inerview was first seen in the Red Pages

Q: Name?

    Harriet, the Little Red Zippy Car

Q: Brief history of your life - where born, grew up, etc.

     Some folks say I was born in Japan in 1986, but I prefer to think I'm from France.  I was very active in my
earlier days, and had at least one serious accident.  I admit it, I've had some body work done, and will probably get
some bondo implants next year.  I'd been through several owners and was getting old before my time, having hot
flashes because of bubbles in my cooling system, when Ron and JD bought me and started turning me into a
Redmobile.  What fun!  First I got my REDLVIS vanity plate, then I got bright yellow decals that proclaim the
virtues of my favorite band, and, just this spring, Ron painted the Rokenrol man-with-flag logo on my hood.  I've
collected the autographs of all three Red Elvises, and Phelan and Dimitri's, too.  Even though I'm a little rusty,
people always give me a second glance.  Life is good.

Q: Main interests growing up?  Any obsessions you don't mind sharing?

     Going fast, hugging curves, and pushing my redline now and then.  My secret vice: frightening my passengers!  
My main obsession is Red Elvises road trips; I love to travel, and spend my nights cuddled up next to the Big Red
Van (what a hunk!)

Q: Do you play a musical instrument?

     No, just my CD player and radio...........but I do hum along!  I'm hoping to get my sub-woofer replaced soon,

Q: What accomplishments are you most proud of at this moment in your life?

     Right now, I'm fairly proud of having completed a 3,044-mile road trip chasing the Red Elvises without missing
a beat, even though my alternator was on its last legs at the time.

Q: Favorite movies?

     Well, Six-String Samurai, of course, and A Clockwork Orange.....that Durango 95 was such a hottie!  Also,
Two-Lane Blacktop, Motorama, Powwow Highway, and the original Vanishing Point with Barry Newman,
although I always leak windshield washer fluid at the end.  And Mad Max, and The Road Warrior, and The
Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.........I guess you could say I tend to like anything in the "road movie"
genre, mostly!

Q: What music do you like, besides the Red Elvises?

     Zydeco and Cajun, Warren Zevon, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, tangos, Tom Waits, Hawaiian (both slack key and
pedal steel), Tex-Mex, and a lot of other  worldbeat and classic rock, in no particular order.  Limpopo, of course.  
I like perky music with a good beat; I don't like death metal, because it sounds too much like a car crash.  And I
don't like whiny girl pop singers.

Q: When/where/how did you first hear/experience the Red Elvises?

     I first heard RE right after Ron and JD bought me, in January of 2001, right here in Northwest Ohio.  The first
RE show I went to was on April 10 that year, at Fitzgerald's, in Berwyn, IL.  Oleg whistled at me on the street!

Q: How many times have you seen the Elvises in concert?  What's the farthest you've ever driven to see them?

     I've seen them sixteen times, seventeen if you count the Geneva, NY Whale Watch in 2001, where I didn't get
there in time for the show but caught up with them at the motel.  That's only two shows less than Ron and JD have
seen, but they went to those shows before they met me.  The distance question is a toughie, because I've never
driven from home to a single show and back, but have always done road trips where I'll follow them for several
shows.  I think the farthest I've gone in one day to see RE would be from Buffalo, NY, to Chicago, IL, more than
500 miles.

Q: Why the Elvises?  What is it about them that makes you such a fan?

     Well, I am red, after all......and they still play "my" song at almost every show!  I love RE because they play
happy party music and it's impossible to be depressed while listening to them, and they're all really cute and nice,

Q: Do you have any rituals/traditions around seeing the Elvises?

     After each show, I get the date, city, and name of the club or event the RE played at painted on the sides of my
hood.  But those are filled up, and I'll have to start on other body panels during the next trip!

Q: Best moment at a Red Elvises show?

     Zhenya humping my hood outside of Fitzgerald's!

Q: What would you like to see the Elvises do in the future?

     It would be fun if they could play somewhere closer to Toledo, so that they might have time to come and visit,
and I could take them for a ride on Anglin Road (see 'secret vice,' above)

Q: Last one: Do you have anything you'd especially like to say to your
fellow fans?

     Get yourselves a red paint job and some decals; redheads, not blondes, have more fun.  Red On!