Post-Industrial, Pre-Apocalyptic
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      More than a handy anagram for an art movement, PIPA, or Post-Industrial, Pre-Apocalyptic, is first
a mindset, an attitude, a pervasive ethos that grew out of the rich soil of Ohio's Great Black Swamp and
will spread rootlets and seedlings throughout the world.  Its defining characteristic is an aversion to
waste of any sort, coupled with iconoclastic humor and an unwillingness to color inside the lines.

       In a landscape of dwindling agriculture, abandoned factories, urban sprawl, and overflowing
landfills, PIPA people seek to stave off the angst and ennui of modern life by committing small acts of
defiance and subversion, usually, but not limited to, some artistic medium.  We're trying to postpone
the entropy death of the universe by recycling the images, ideas, and artifacts of consumer culture into
new forms of expression, thereby forcing the "consumers" (including ourselves) to take a second glance
the things they've discarded or discounted.

       PIPA artists are the dumpster divers of high and low culture, poised between a profligate past and
an uncertain future.  Ballet or bad puns, we're calling it art; we're keeping it out of the landfill, and
putting it into your living room.
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