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Links Page
Here you will find some of our favorite sites for information,
entertainment, and just wasting time!
Check out Viking Kittens and Angry Kittens and all the fun stuff
If you want to waste some time, play 20 questions with a really
smart computer at
We listen to Car Talk on NPR every Satuday morning from 10am till
11am, (please don't call us then), but their web site is is infromation
filled and fun too!!
And if you want to listen on line to a very eclectic  radio station, check
WYCE in Grand Rapids, MI. (RE listems whenever he's online).
Of course we have links to all the RED ELVISES sites, first is the
bands homepage, and the Red Pages, and RE Chat on Tuesdays at 10
pm (JD is allways there) then there are fan sites like
ours , check out
2weird2livewtih by Kate the web master to RE, and former member
Zhenya at
ZeeRock, and Drummer Adam Gust
For some excelent BBQ recipies by
JD's cousin and RE's union brother
Jerry go to:
For some opinions on just about anything try "The Best Page in the Universe"
there's something there to offend everyone, (but he might be right!)
For a "Hilarious Collection of Media for the Masses" go to eBaum's World,
their game section is a good way to kill time, RE likes "
Happy Pill", and
Walking Home Drunk" JD likes " Defend your Castle", "The Pearl Game"
and "
Wasteing Time
To debunk and get the low down on all the hoaxes and urban
legends out there we allways go to for the truth!