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A few of our favorite cranks:
I Wanted an Olive
Parental License
Saftey Second?
In Defence of Dandolions
What do Women Want
I Want Some Service
School Daze
Real Men Wear Pink
Analog Woman Digital World
Please Hold the Hyperbole
Cheep Thrills
A Perfect Tree? Not for Me!
Do the Locomotion
Life Stinks
Seen, not Heard
Back to Chezstrange
A Tiny Rhinocceros
Boob Tube
Brain Lint
A Bumpy Night
Final Allert: Better Dead than Red
Bite Me
A Plug for Black Swamp
Borroed and Blue
Bring a Dish
Coop the Flu
Do You Dare to Eat a Mango
Fee File Foe Fum
Fit or Fat, Forget It
A Case of Holiday Whine
If You Build It They Might Come
It's No Emergancy
I was Framed
Mother Days
Nothing but Road Kill
A Paper Mess Society
Salsa is a Vegitable
Sofa so Good
A Stamp of Approval
Stop Bugging Me
The Russians are Comming
To EBay or Not to Ebay
The Un-family Channel
We Rocked This Joint
The World on a Platter
You Make Me Sick
Candidates, Candidates Go Away
Church and State
Analog Woman, Digital Word
A Compulsion for Clutter
Perfect Tree, Not for Me
Doin' That Art Fair Thing
Exploring the Arctic Wasteland
Can't Openers
Cheep Thrils
Chip Off the Old Block
I Can't Contain Myself
Dog Gone, Doggone, Gone Dog
Domestic Domonatrix
Drug Culture
Dye, Dye, My Darling!
G ood Clothes
Heat Exhaustion
Hold the Hyberbole
In Defence of Dandilions
Just a Junkie
Just Sew, Sew
Levy Levity, or Advanceing           
Life Stinks
Do the Locomotion
Makeing Life Easyer
Real Men Wear Pink
Middle-Aged Spreads
Middle Age Crazy
Out With the New in With the Old
Parental Licence
Party with the Guys
Who Knows the Prefect Hose
Playing with Food
A few Eational Thoughts
Nothing but
My Reading Disorder
Saftey Second?
School Daze
Seen, Not Heard
Gag Me with a Tune
Is There Anybody Out There?
A Limited Lawn
Selling the Schools
Much Ado about a Stuck Truck
Thinning the Herd
Spring it on Me
Studs, Spuds, and Suds
Subversive Tendancies
To NB or not to NB
Totally Unproductive
Upstairs, Downstairs
Weather (or Not)
Where's Waldo
What do Women Want
I'm Worried, Too
Zip, Zip
I Need an Umbrella
I Wanted an Olive
The Monday of the Year
She Drives Me Crazy
The Summer of all Fears
A Very Bad Idea